Behind-the-Scenes adventures take guests one step closer to the animals at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, giving guests a special, unforgettable experience!
For more information or to purchase a Behind-the-Scenes gift certificate, email or call 559-470-6880.

Current Experiences

Sloth Bear Necessities

Is it a sloth? Is it a bear? They’re sloth bears! Join us to learn all about our bears and what it takes to care for them!

The Roar Tour

Join us on a journey to both the savanna and the jungle and learn all about our lions and tigers!

Gills & Thrills

Get ready for a jaw-some experience!

Wild About Warthogs

Find out what makes these amazing grazers so special!

Tortally Shellstruck

Come experience the magnificence of the giant Galapagos tortoise.

Trunk Time

Join us for this elephantastic tour to learn about our African elephants and what it takes to care for them! Plus, you’ll get to see an elephant training session!

Tall Tails

Come meet the giraffes in a whole new way!

Scales & Tales

Get an up-close look at some of our more slithery, scaly, hoppy, and crawly creatures in our Reptile House!

Roo Rendezvous

Hop on over and learn all about our red kangaroos!

Dragon Discovery

Join us to discover everything there is to know about the modern dragon!