Reports, RFQs, RFPs

All legal documents related to the organization and legal status of Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo Corporation including: Annual Reports, Bylaws and Policies, Founding Documents, RFQs and RFPs can be found here.

Warthog Exhibit Bid Documents

Mandatory Job Walk Sign-In Sheet

1616 – FCZ Warthog (Specifications)_2017-06-07

1616 – FCZ Warthog (Complete Plan Set)_2017-06-07, R3_sm


Bid Proposal Form (Attachment A)

BSK Warthog Exhibit Building Soils Report, 12-22-16

FCZ 2017 Schedule-Zoo Hours

FCZ FINAL A107-2007 – Smaller Projects Contract Only (00723995), 5-23-17

FCZ FINAL Bidding Conditions (00710262), 6-2-17

FCZ FINAL Specific Conditions (00710275), 5-24-17

FCZ Warthog COST REV proposal, 6-5-17

FCZ Warthog Exhibit Schedule, 5-31-17

Job Walk location map, 4-5-17

Subcontractor Listing Template, 5-31-17

Warthog Notice Inviting Bidders, 5-31-17