Coexist With Wildlife CA

Coexist With Wildlife CA

This year marks the 100th anniversary that the last California grizzly bear was spotted in Sequoia National Park, never to be seen again. This state icon is an example of the beautiful, native California wildlife that can too easily be lost.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo in partnership with fellow California Zoos and Aquariums members and other conservation organizations has joined efforts to commemorate this anniversary through a public awareness campaign, Coexist with Wildlife, California.

This campaign will bring awareness to hundreds of native California species by highlighting 24 important species to protect in 2024.

Participating institutions will host different activation events throughout the year that will bring awareness but also inspire awareness that together, we can preserve space for wildlife in California.

By working together, we can ensure that our unique California landscape can thrive for generations to come and prevent more wildlife from following the same path as our state symbol.