Zoo Talks

Experience a lively encounter in your classroom, at your facility, or at the Zoo with our renowned staff biologist, Burleigh “The Bat Lady” Lockwood. Burleigh is famous for her presentations on ANY natural history topic.

Using our extensive collection of animal artifacts, the Zootalk program aims to accomplish the following:

  • To show the characteristics and adaptations of animal groups
  • To demonstrate food-chain relationships and ecosystem parameters
  • And to visually promote critical thinking (combining skull/skeletal characteristics with questions) all aimed at satisfying science standards while making learning fun.

Select a topic from this list or choose your own. We can collaborate to create a presentation tailor-made for your group.

  • Animal/plant adaptations
  • Life cycles
  • Ecosystems and habitats
  • Energy flow
  • Structure and function
  • Zoos and what zoos do

Pricing starts at $75 per 30-minute talk. Mileage fees may apply.

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