Bringing The Zoo To You

Bringing The Zoo
To You

Our mission at Fresno Chaffee Zoo is to engage, inspire, and conserve. To foster connections with amazing animals and conservation, we are bringing the Zoo to YOU with these resources that include behind-the-scenes videos, Animal Ambassador presentations, and educational activities that can be done at home or at school.

Meet the Animals

Our zookeepers and adventure guides are taking you behind-the-scenes at the Zoo! These educational videos provide an opportunity to learn all about animals big and small.

Protect our Ocean

“Seas” the day and learn about how you can protect our ocean!

With a “fin-tastic” educational activity book and exciting videos in both English and Spanish, you can become an ocean advocate to help save and restore our ocean. Together, we can celebrate and take action for our shared ocean!

School Lessons

Take a more in-depth look at conservation and science topics with these lesson plans for older kids.

Zoo Camp Activities

Our educators are sharing some of their favorite activities from camp to encourage hands-on learning and fun for school-aged kids.

Nature Play Activities

Explore your neighborhood and backyard with these activities that encourage outdoor play.